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We have developed a number of applications that our existing clients have found very useful.

These could all be installed with the minimum of effort and be running live within a very short time.

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1. Multi Company & Multi Currency Cash Matching. Safely and accurately match your cash receipts against outstanding invoices in a background large volume basis. This server side application will plug-in to your CODA Financials® database and match against a dynamic range of Company masters. Run times are impressive: - with an initial selection of 13,000 rows and 9,000 passing the criteria for matching, it runs in approx 5 mins. Try asking a user to be that fast.
3. Enquirer. Avoid purchasing expensive user licences for those users who are merely enquiring on accounting information. Our web based Enquirer software will allow you interrogate your financial information from anywhere with an ‘internet browser’. If you want a simple and low cost solution to enquiring on your accounts through a web browser, then this is for you.
2. Revenue Deferral Reallocation. New corporate compliance rules require revenues for services to be deferred over the life of the service and for those revenues not to be recognised at point of invoice. Our Revenue Deferral application will reallocate your Anniversary or Calendar billing requirements. It also complies with ‘SOX’ requirements by providing full audit trail of all calculations.
4. Employee Expense Notification by E-mail.
Automatically Inform your Employees by e-mail of their expenses payment saving on distribution of remittances.
5. Supplier Remittance Advice & Customer Statement Distribution by E-mail, with Archive.
Print or Electronically distribute detailed remittance advice's to your suppliers or statements to your customers. Comes complete with an archive utility, allowing users to reprint any remittance advice in the past.
6. Reminder Letter Notification by E-mail, with Archive.
Print or Electronically distribute reminder letters for late payment to your customers. Comes complete with an archive utility, allowing users to reprint any reminder letter in the past.
7. Direct Debit and Payment Files generator for BACS transmission.
Generate data files for electronic transfer of Payment or Direct Debit Data.
8. Bank Reconciliation Statement Loader.
Load Electronic Bank Statements into your Financial application for automatic bank reconciliation.
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